Among just a few out of the wide range of Polish producers of pellet fuel, Pellet Energy has been awarded with the prestigious European certificate - EN plus A1. We have been numbered as the PL 014 certified producer of pellets. The certificate is recognised all over the world. It was issued by the independent certification body - PCU Deutschland. As a certified manufacturer of pellets we are entitled to use the unique certification seal on our products.

Pellet GOLD has been subjected to rigorous inspections and tests on the grounds of which we can conclude that we not only meet the high requirements of EN plus A1 but also go beyond them!!!

Is the quality so important?

The EN plus A1 quality class based on the European standard  EN ISO 17225-2 was adopted by European pellet producers as the most restrictive one among all the valid standards. It has excluded numerous previous and local standards, at the same time unifying the market. The EN plus A1 requirements include: requirements on raw materials, requirements on product and requirements on labelling, terms and conditions of storage and delivery for customers.

Does the certificate help us protect the environment?

Of course! Increased consumption of biofuels from biomass within the next five years is estimated to be up to 800%, hence the standards enforce pellet producers to make pellets out of the with the best possible raw materials with no additional binders and chemicals which are harmful to the environment.

What are the benefits of using 'EN plus A1'-certified Pellet GOLD?

  • As it has a calorific value, you know that you combust as much as you actually need.
  • You take care of the fail-safety of your heater as you use the highest quality fuel
  • You take care of your health and the health of your family and others as you use nature-based fuel!
  • You can be sure that you purchase biofuel made out of pure sawdust, with no bark, sand, harmful chemicals

Why am I to choose Pellet GOLD?

  • Fuel comes from 100% renewable source
  • It is packaged in handy 15-kg bags - they are convenient and clean to use
  • It has an extremely high calorific value
  • It reduces operating costs at households, companies
  • You support the ecosystem
  • Use of ash as a natural soil fertiliser

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