A few words about our company


We also have our own transport fleet. Pellet Energy cars deliver our products to points of sale in Poland and Europe. Our pellet fuel is appreciated on the Italian and German market. In Poland, Pellet Energy products can be purchased at fuel depots and construction warehouses. You find the list of distributors here (link). 

Production in the center of Polish

The heart of Pellet Energy, i.e. a pellet plant is located in Błaszki, in the province of Lodz. This is a convenient location in the centre of Poland - 30 km from Kalisz, 150 km from Poznan and 80 km from Lodz


Our factory is equipped with modern production lines, which guarantees the manufacture of products with reproducible high quality. We have our own laboratory where each and every batch of or products is subjected to inspection. The En Plus A1 Certificate confirms our commitment to ensure the highest quality of products. 

We produce pellet since 2006

We have produced pellets since 2006. Pellet Energy sp. z o.o. is a family company established in 2006 which manufactures solid fuel made from wood biomass, i.e. wood pellets and briquettes and distributes modern heating appliances manufactured by Edilkamin, the Italian brand.

Pellet Energy Sp. z o.o.

Polna 29 Street

98-235 Błaszki 



phone: +48 43 829 22 22

e-mail: info@pelletenergy.pl