Pellet Energy has its own laboratory which check each and every batch of produced pellet fuel. We check all the most relevant parameters of the product: granulation, content of fine fractions, mechanical strength, bulk density and calorific value. We have also been granted with the 'EN plus A1' certificate. It means that every year we are audited by the certification body which confirms the high quality of our product. 

Parameter  Unit Requirements for en Plus Pellet
Diameter  mm 6±1
Length  mm 3,15< L ≤ 40
Bulk density kg/m³ 600-750
Content of fines % ≤0,5
Mechanical strength % ≥98
Content of ash % ≤ 0,7
Humidity  % ≤ 10
Calorific value kWh/kg ≥4,6 kWh/kg
Content of nitrogen % ≤ 0,3
Content of sulphur % ≤ 0,04
Content of chlorine % ≤ 0,02
Melting temperature (ash) °C ≥1200