Pellet Holz /A1/

Fully ecological fuel, for customers who value the environment

Pellets i.e. granules is a unified form of biomass fuel. This is nothing more than sawdust which is compressed at enormous pressure. Such pressure and temperature change the structure of wood letting be spliced and protected against disintegration.

They are roller-shaped with their diameter of 6-15 mm and length of several centimetres. The content of moisture - 8-12%, dust - approx. 0.50 - 1.5% depending on the raw material used. Pellet fuel can be made out of every kind of clean, appropriately prepared biomass, i.e. organic waste, which, after drying to reach the relevant parameters, makes the raw material for processing.

The homogeneous form and calorific value are its primary advantage. It is considered to be ecological fuel - a renewable energy source (RES). Wood waste from sawmills, wood processing plants and forest wood waste (sawdust, wood chips, shavings) are the basic raw material for the production of pellets.

Pellet Energy Co. produces pellets characterised by the highest-quality parameters for the most demanding customers who value comfort and convenience. Its quality has been continuously monitored by our laboratory.

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The EN plus A1 requirements


6 mm ± 1 mm

6 mm ± 1 mm


3,15< L ≤ 40 mm

3,15< L ≤ 40 mm




ash content:



bulk density:

600≤BD≤750 kg/m³

600≤BD≤750 kg/m³

calorific value:

18,17 MJ/ kg (5,0 kWh/kg)

≥ 4,6 kWh/kg