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BRYKIET - is a product of the highest quality, created exclusively from pure wood raw material, without any additives and impurities. This is nothing but compressed under enormous pressure sawdust. The pressure and temperature change the bit structure of the timber, allowing its adhesion and protection against disintegration.

  • Briquette is perfectly suited for burning in fireplaces, furnaces, grills.
  • 1 ton of briquette corresponds to 3 - 5 m3 of firewood.
  • Ingredients: sawdust of deciduous trees (60% oak, 20% beech, 20% alder)

Wood briquette is produced, as well as wood pellet, with shredded sawdust, wood shavings and wood chips. The pellet Energy subject them to drying and spraso-waniu under high pressure without the addition of plastic binder. It is the low moisture content makes the calorific value of briquettes or pellets is higher than wood. One ton of briquettes equivalent to 3 to 5 m3 of firewood.

Wood briquette - the heat released slowly

Lumber in the stick is firmly compacted briquette as compared to volumes of a values. This is because wood briquette burns slowly, gradually releasing heat. Wood briquette is not an invention of recent years, but is now becoming more and more popular. Technology of production of wood briquettes has been known for centuries, but the industrial revolution in the nineteenth century. Directed the attention of users towards coal. We are seeing renewed interest in wood briquette and growing interest in wood pellets. This is the kind of biomass fuel, much more comfortable to use and environmental compared with carbon, but is not deviate from its price.

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70mm ± 5mm





ash content:


bulk density:

17 MJ/kg (4,7 kWh/kg)


5 kg


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